Wishlist Website: Creating Your Ideal Online Showroom

Creating an ideal showroom with a wishlist website is one of the most effective ways to expedite your customers’ buying experience, as well as saving your company valuable time and money at the same time. Interactive online catalogs can make buying easier, shorten your sales cycle, and provide more relevant products for your customers’ needs. SpecBooks dedicates itself to delivering this experience in a turnkey and cost-effective way- read on to learn more about how a wishlist website can improve the online segment of your business. 

Using a Wishlist Website: What Is It?

A wishlist website is a site that allows you to make a personalized collection of items for your customers to browse through and make purchasing decisions. These sites aim to create a curated marketplace for each customer and make their choices easier while shortening the time it takes for them to purchase your products.

Powered by Data

SpecBooks is dedicated to providing you with a wishlist website populated with up-to-date and accurate manufacturer data and pricing, allowing you to browse products while receiving all relevant information for those products. Placing our priorities on supplying robust and current manufacturer information will enable consumers to make more informed purchases and makes it easier for showrooms to provide their customers with a better shopping experience. 

Reach Expansion

Creating a digital catalog is a great way to expand your organization’s reach beyond your brick-and-mortar location. Online shopping is becoming increasingly prevalent in all industries- fortifying your digital footprint is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. 

To aid with this, using SpecBooks as a wishlist site allows your organization access to several tools to expand your reach beyond just a brick and mortar. Investing in a wishlist website with SpecBooks allows your organization to expand its reach across the digital space. 


Your business’s website should reflect your identity and serve the purpose you need it to serve. A wishlist website is effective in providing this with its customizability- this is one of the most essential features in interactive online catalogs. The ability to customize and tailor your wishlist website to fit your and your customers’ needs create a streamlined shopping experience guaranteed to improve any business’s digital endeavors. 

Customize your website’s look with premade templates and layouts, or go more in-depth and manually customize your site to fit your business’s needs. SpecBooks provides an easy-to-use backend portal that makes it easy to change these features for anyone of any skill level.

Additionally, SpecBooks provides you with the ability to provide custom price groups based on customer type. Whether you’re dealing with builders, contractors, or homeowners, you can provide a tailored product list with pricing that fits their needs. With custom pricing, you will be able to quote any client effortlessly, whether you’re in-store or online.

Up-to-Date Pricing

The pricing of products and services is constantly in motion. Manually changing your pricing to reflect these fluctuations can be a pain. With SpecBooks, you don’t even have to think about it- manufacturer pricing is updated daily in our suite of products so that you and your business never have to worry about updating it by hand. 

Investing in a wishlist website means you never again have to worry about lost profits due to out-of-date pricing or charging too much for a product whose price has recently dipped. 

Seamless Integration

Success comes at the hands of simplicity. All SpecBooks software is integrated with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, making tracking and planning your organization’s success easier. SpecBooks can seamlessly transact via CSV or Excel to create accuracy and consistency in addition to removing duplicates. 


Are you concerned with providing your customers with a diverse and versatile experience? Luckily, SpecBooks offers a broad range of services that covers every facet of your business’s online component. SpecBooks offers a C.I.P.O.S, SpecBooks+, SpecBooks Web, and more.

To have a fighting chance in today’s competitive and diverse online marketplace, you must adopt a robust system for managing your business’s online presence. This is where SpecBooks comes in- fully customizable catalogs, and an easy-to-use interface is a great way to advance your organization into the online world. 

SpecBooks C.I.P.O.S. (Customer Interactive Point of Service) is particularly versatile in that it can find use in the showroom or online- if a customer wants to be supplied information on items they’ve viewed in a physical showroom, your SpecBooks tools can provide you with that list instantly. Complete with functionality to show or hide model numbers, pricing, and other specifications, SpecBooks C.I.P.O.S. grants the ability to provide infinitely customizable information to your customers in an instant.

Improved Customer Experience

This is what the advantages of online catalogs should amount to. What is a business without its customers? As the foundation for your success, your customers should have access to the smoothest and most efficient experience. SpecBooks has kept customer experience at the center of our software design philosophy. 

Not only are the interactive components of SpecBooks intuitive and easy to use, but it’s also been optimized for mobile use. As a result, mobile users have full access to the full capabilities of the SpecBooks software in the palm of their hand.

Why is eCommerce Important?

As mentioned earlier, advancing your business into the digital age can be daunting, and it’s tempting to ask: why is it important, anyway? Your business may be doing just fine without a digital presence, or you may operate with minimal online presence without issue. In short, advancing your online presence is about surpassing your current limitations.  Physical locations have their limits: in-store capacity, geographical location, and more. With an advanced online presence, you can expand your horizons past your physical location and access customers that would otherwise be out of your reach. Investing in a digital footprint is the way to go for any business looking to grow.

Create Your Wishlist Website With SpecBooks

SpecBooks is committed to improving the experience of both buyer and seller with up-to-date pricing, customizable interfaces, seamless software integration, and more. SpecBooks software allows you to effortlessly quote and specify products with 24/7 access to our massive database. In addition, manufacturer data such as product descriptions and pricing are updated daily, so you never have to worry about having out-of-date information. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how SpecBooks and creating a wishlist website can help your business achieve its goals, visit our website or contact us today at (850)695-8377.