About Us

Industry-leading showrooms, wholesalers/distributors, builders, interior designers, and manufacturers trust SpecBooks. Servicing over 8,000 accounts across North America, we focus on building strategic partnerships with our clients. Our solutions, incorporated with user feedback, are engineered specifically for the industries in which we operate. With lower operational costs, higher sales, and an improved bottom line, we deliver an ROI our clients can count on.

Change is part of our DNA. We methodically dissect industry challenges and trends, creating an environment that constantly produces innovative and industry-leading solutions.

At SpecBooks we welcome complex challenges and produce solutions.

The SpecBooks Effect

SpecBooks offers a full range of industry-leading digital tools, data solutions, and services that enable everyone involved in the building process, from individuals to manufacturers, to eliminate the traditional sales process and focus on what’s important: their customers and their business.

If your company is looking for a software partner to work with to navigate the ever-changing market landscape that shares the same compassion for the success of your business as you do, we would be honored to work with you.

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An expertly crafted suite of solutions to take on your biggest challenges

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