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Tell your company's story, showcase the products you sell, attract more customers, and maximize your online footprint.

What We Can Do For You

Your online presence is the first impression. A strong online presence that specifically represents your brand, product offering, and services offered enables customers to make a decision to engage with your company. Our interactive websites captivates customers and clearly communicates your company’s message. Your new online store will be a key component to build your online footprint, improve your SEO, support marketing efforts, and coordinate with social media.

Our offering creates an online experience that enables your customers to easily shop for products, view unique customer pricing, and interact with your sales team. SpecBooks CIPOS powers the backend of your website, so your team has the necessary tools to assist customers in real time and close sales.

Our 10m+ enriched product database and taxonomy ensure your customers are viewing the best product data available. We source product data directly from the manufacturer to provide up to date data you can count on.

SpecBooks is committed to work with your team to create a unique online experience. We do all of the heavy lifting, so your team can continue to focus on your business during the website build and throughout the life of the website.

Integration capable, your website can integrate with an ERP or CRM of choice. Check out our integration offering.

Eventually your company may want to upgrade to a full eCommerce solution. We have you covered. Your website easily upgrades. No rebuild required.

See It In Action

A tablet shows an interactive website labeled "Bath & Kitchen Idea Center by Winsupply", with categories for Bath, Kitchen, Showering, Tubs, Toilets, Vanities, Lighting, Brands, Contact, and Wishlist. A form labeled "Schedule a Design Consultation" is superimposed over a beautiful modern bathroom with white marble counters and elegant black accents.
A tablet shows a shop page for "Bath & Kitchen Idea Center by Winsupply" with a variety of faucets in gold, black, and silver finishes. The page layout includes category, filter, and sorting options, a price slider, and the ability to favorite products.
A tablet shows a product information page for a showerhead, labeled "Delta Saylor Monitor 17 Series Tub and Shower Trim with In2ition - Champagne Bronze". It is available in four colors and has a list of additional products available in the Saylor collection.

Key Features

Unique website design

Mobile friendly

Enriched product data

Product price management
(List, IMAP, MAP, Net, UMRP, other)

Customer specific pricing matrix

Personalized taxonomy

Real-time customer collaboration functionality

Integration capable

eCommerce with payment processing capable

Promote upsell opportunities

Coordinating Solutions

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QR Codes

Product data on demand. Impress clients and make product selections easy.
Point and scan to retrieve enriched product data, pricing, and coordinating items instantly.
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Payment Processing

Get paid faster and create a premium checkout experience for customers.
Accept credit card or e-check payments and deposits online or in-store. Automate your collection activities. Payments made easy for you and the customer.
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Eliminate redundancies. Interact with SpecBooks seamlessly. Get the job done.
Let our technology work for you, so you can get more done with less.
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SpecBooks eCommerce


Your digital storefront available 24/7.
Give customers the opportunity to interact with your business on their own time. Automate customer activities from product selection & account management to ease of checkout. We make business easy.
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