Benefits of Adopting New Technology at the End of the Year

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Adopting new technology is crucial to run your business effectively. Managing inventory, marketing, employees, customers, finances, and more takes a lot of time. If you aren’t using the latest technology, it can slow you down and prevent you from using your time to optimize your business. Many businesses want to adopt new technology but always find a reason not to, most commonly because they are too busy to introduce something new. However, with the holidays quickly approaching and businesses slowing down, now is perfect. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of adopting new technology at the end of the year. 

Research and Test Options Before Rolling Out 

When business slows down at the end of the year, leadership has more time to research the various new technologies and ensure they find the right option for themselves without allowing the research period to interfere with business operations. If you are searching for software that has long-term benefits, it’s crucial to evaluate its versatility, sales process optimization, and how it will enhance your customer satisfaction. You also want to ensure the new technology will help you achieve your goals, whether that is reducing your sales cycle, increasing access to product information, or allowing your team to spend more time with customers. For example, at SpecBooks, we offer a suite of data-driven solutions that are designed to increase sales, captivate customers, reduce liability, and streamline business operations. 

 If you are a showroom manager and want to increase your sales, check out our blog on how SpecBooks is the perfect technology to invest in this slow season. 

Integrate the Tool Into Your Business

Time is money, so it’s imperative not to waste your or your employees’ time. Another benefit of adopting new technology at the end of the year is that you will have more time to integrate the tool into your business. Be sure to ask yourself the following questions before selecting a new technology: 

  • How will this new technology change how customers interact with my team and business operations? 
  • Will this tool change how my team works? 
  • What is the ideal outcome in terms of how my team works with my customers while utilizing this tool? 
  • What specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (S.M.A.R.T) goals should I establish? 
  • What tracking metrics are important to my company? 

Lay a strong foundation during the end of the year and fundamentally change your business come the new year. 

Incorporate New Features into Your Technology

Offering easy payment options is becoming increasingly important. With more purchases being made online, it’s crucial that you accept various payment methods and that your process is streamlined, so customers don’t experience fatigue and go to your competition. With SpecBooks, we can help offer you intuitive, and easily accessible payment methods, a C.I.P.O.S. allowing customers to make purchases themselves and create customizable wishlists. The tool also is extremely versatile, and our products are always up-to-date, so you never have to worry about customers wanting something you don’t have or having the wrong product information. Learn more about our easy payment solutions here. 

Increase Learning Time for Employees

If you want your new technology to boost your business, your employees must buy in and be comfortable utilizing the latest software. By adopting new technology when their workloads are lighter, you are providing them more time to familiarize themselves with it so that when business picks up in Q1, they aren’t scrambling but are already comfortable with the nuances of the new technology. In addition, not all tools are created equally, so giving your employees time to immerse themselves in the latest tools and provide feedback will help confirm that you chose the right technology and that it is intuitive and easy to use so that you can get the most out of the tool. 

Stay Ahead of the Competition

While many businesses take the end of the year slow down to mean a relaxed work schedule, adopting new technology during this period will benefit your operations and keep you ahead of your competitors. Adopt new technology and set goals for you and your team with the new technology rather than procrastinate until Q1 to receive new sales and a bigger payoff, while others are just getting started on incorporating new features and integrating new technology. 

Additionally, regarding the technology adoption lifecycle, adopting new technology at the end of Q4 rather than the start of Q1 allows you to be in the 2.5% that is considered Innovators and have more market share. If you wait, you might be in the early adopters’ category (13.5%), early majority (34%), late majority (34%), or laggards (16%). The longer you wait, the less market share you will have, and the less effective the tool will be at keeping you ahead of your competitors. 

Reduce Costs 

While the initial costs may be high, the payoff will be worth it. With SpecBooks, you don’t have to worry about losing money due to technology that is not continuously maintained or losing out on a sale. Instead, SpecBooks will ensure you are making more money with our tools. 

New Year, New You

In addition to the many benefits listed above when it comes to adopting new technology at the end of the year, making change also allows you and your business to stay relevant. Your business will become stale if you continuously offer the same products and services and aren’t integrating new features. This year, embrace change while streamlining your business. Contact SpecBooks to get started. 

Don’t forget to also show appreciation for your team during this slowdown and get them excited for what’s to come in Q1 with your new technology. 

Optimize Your Technology With SpecBooks

You, your team, and your customers deserve technology and a service that is always up to date and provides you with precisely what you need when you need it. Between SpecBooks, SpecBooks Plus, SpecBooks C.I.P.O.S., and all of our other features, we can help you provide your clients and their customers with the tools for success. If you want to learn more, check out our blog about how SpecBooks can boost your business. 

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